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Insurance, Inc.

Here at Mastriano Insurance, we provide our customers with a full-service insurance experience that goes above and beyond what the “big-named” companies can provide, and we will even beat their price! When you call our family’s business, you will only be speaking to a principal owner, either Steve or Stephen Mastriano. That is something you will never get from the vast majority of the other insurance options in this area.

As professional, independent insurance agents, we have the freedom and ability to provide you with the best auto and home coverage that meets your personal needs. For customers, new and old, we review your current situation, and provide you with our expert advice as to what insurance best protects you and your family. There are no automated call centers or 1-800 numbers; every aspect of your insurance, whether it is billing, claims, changes to a policy, rental, etc., is directly handled by Steve and Stephen.

Auto Insurance
It is hard to picture life without a car, so we provide our customers with auto insurance and service that will help keep you on the road. On our list of areas where people are not correctly protected by their current insurance coverages, auto insurance is the top offender. If you do not have the correct liability and property damage limits, an at-fault accident can turn into a financial nightmare. We will provide you with our advice as to what limits would best protect you and your family. We will also advise you as to whether or not full coverage is needed depending upon the type of car you own. Concerning those times when you are buying a new car, we will contact the auto dealer to provide them with the needed paperwork to complete the transaction.

Homeowner’s Insurance
Your home is the most important and valuable family asset; therefore, it is extremely important you have proper coverage in case the worst happens. There are too many times that those coming to us for a quote have their home underinsured by their current insurance company. More often than not, the customer will have no idea, because the coverages were never explained to them at the time of the initial purchase. We take the time to go over the coverages item by item, so that you are an informed customer. We welcome any questions you may have! In cases where your home is involved with a mortgage, we will contact the bank to ensure they have the correct policy and billing information. 

If you currently have both homeowner and auto insurance, then a package policy is the best way to combine your policies for superior protection, value, and convenience. Packaging your home and auto insurance will provide you with a better price over the individual policies with better coverage, and the added bonus of only having to worry about one payment schedule.  Enhance your package policy even further by adding an umbrella with a starting coverage limit of $1,000,000 that goes above and beyond your current home and auto liability limits. We would be happy to review your current situation to see if a package policy is right for you, and if an umbrella is needed. 

When you are involved in an auto accident or experienced damage to your home, the last thing you want to do is report the incident to your insurance company by yourself. The talking lizard or Flo are funny to watch on TV, but they are not going to help you through these tough situations. At Mastriano Insurance, we will personally help you through every claim situation from start to finish, and handle all the reporting to the company. We will come out to your home to review the damage in cases of homeowner’s claims, and we will look over your car in cases of auto accidents to collect all the information needed to report the claim. We will even assist you in cases of not-at-fault auto accidents, by contacting the other company on your behalf even though your own insurance would not be in use.